Being Social At Bingo

Want to be rich and famous at Bingo?????
Easy…..You just need a handsome number of pals in your Bingo chat list and wallah!!!!….that too pays because in bingo, every now and then, there are some cool offers coming up for you and your friends giving you chance to earn apart from the game.
To get started, you need to have a cool name that catches the fancy of people online. Be careful while choosing what you want to be known as. You should not hurt anyone’s emotional or religious sentiment. Whenever you log in to play, do not shy away starting a conversation. Who knows you could have some common likings and make good chat friends.
But, for that you must know some basics of chat rooms. Bingo players use a lot of abbreviations and short forms. They use bold fonts and capital letters. Since one has to concentrate on the game by and large, one cannot write full statements while conversing.  Here are a few common abbreviations which might come handy for you to start with. To greet someone, use GM, GN, GD and so on. WTG means way to go. If you want to leave chat room for some reason, u can convey BBS or BBL, which means, be back soon and be back later, respectively. If you want to welcome your friend, all you need to say is WB, that is, welcome back. If you are not available, you can let everyone know by setting your status as AFK, which conveys that you are away from a keyboard or you can simply write POOF and your friends will know that you have left the chat room. If you want to appreciate some joke cracked by your mates, you may use LOL (laughing out loud), OTFL (on the floor laughing), LMAO (laughing my butt off), and ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing). To grin, you just need to write G. If your friend has come online after a long time, let him know how glad you are to see him by GTSY. To say your bye byes you need to use TT (Ta Ta), TC (take care), SYS (see you soon), STU (same to you). Chat smartly but do not be harsh in your comments. If you had hurt someone then type SRY (sorry) or SS (so sorry). To second someone’s opinion or if you and your friend have common thoughts, you can make a cool statement by saying GMTA (great minds think alike).
Use the following tips and win hearts by being humble, yet intelligent, and you will surely hit the popularity charts soon.

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