Bingo – an Addiction or a Stress Buster?

Bingo has been blamed by the reviewers to be a plain and simple gamble with a beautiful dressing. Just like any gambling game, it gets into your skin before you comprehend. The format of the game is such that you have equal probability of losing and winning. When you win, you are super excited and want to get wealthier, so you want to take another chance. When you lose, you want to break even the losses so you again plunge into the game.

In the beginning, you get lured by the free entry and real win policy. You play for mere pleasure of the game. Eventually it becomes a habit. Earlier you enjoy the game only in your leisure hours but, slowly, as the game takes over you, there is no count of time. You neglect your job for the game. These are all symptoms of an addiction, things going beyond your control and definitely, not advisable for you and your family’s well being.

Hold it… This is the belief of only those who regard bingo as an evil, those who take life too seriously and those who doubt man’s ability to successfully follow self restraint. Such people only see the complicated version of life. Studies have proved that Bingo has changed the outlook of many people, mostly middle aged women who suffered from severe stress problems and depression.

Bingo is mostly enjoyed by the homemakers in their free time. These ladies were usually bound by their house responsibilities and were getting off from the outside world. Bingo chat rooms gave them an opening to live life in the bingo world in the manner they wish. Bingo became an outlet to meet and interact with new people. Sometimes, strangers become the best of your friends. Their pent up emotions get a place to vent and reduces the loneliness of such people.

Bingo has helped people in exploring their personality, making them more confident about themselves, refining the way they approach and deal with other people. Bingo has transformed people into outgoing happy souls, which, is the need of the hour.

Lady members no longer feel restricted within the walls of the house. Being able to help in the household income or maybe few extra dollars for their upkeep do wonders to their ego.
Unquestionably Bingo members are not addicts, but positively transformed human beings who are better equipped to deal with crisis situations, thanks to their new found positive attitude.

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