Bingo: How to Play And Win

Bingo is a popular game among all age groups: from grade school children playing educational variants of the game to teach lessons, to white haired old ladies playing at their local church fund raiser, Bingo spans generations like no other gambling game there is. It is even popular in many large casinos,

If somehow you do not know how to play Bingo, here it is in a nutshell.  Players begin by buying cards, which have the word BINGO across the top.  Below those letters are five columns of five numbers, creating a playing field of 25 squares, with the centre being a free square.

The five numbers below the letter B will be any between 1 and 15.  Below the letter I can be any number between 16 and 30, 31 to 45 below the N, numbers from 46 to 60 come in under the letter G, and the O holds sway over the group from 61 to 75.  Only five numbers from the groups for B, I, G, and O can appear on any 1 card, and only four numbers under the N (the centre square is free).

Once the game begins, a Bingo caller draws balls from a lottery style ball blower or from a basket tumbler.  Each ball is marked with a number between 1 and 75, with the corresponding letter for that number group.  The caller announces the number and players mark it off their card if they have it.

Play continues until the first player meets pre-set winning conditions which can vary from game to game and yells “BINGO!” Whoever does this first, is the winner.

If you wish to make money at Bingo, you have some challenges to overcome.  You have very little control over the game, since there is no way to know which card will win, and absolutely no way to predict what numbers will come.  However, there are a few things you can do to combat the odds.

First, narrow the field.  Try to choose your times to play when there as few competitors as possible.  Weekends or odd hours of the day are your best bets.  The fewer people that are playing means there are fewer people who can make a Bingo before you.

A second sound strategy is to buy more cards.  Since the cards are relatively cheap, get as many as you can safely keep track of to allow yourself the most possible chances to make a payday.

Finally, as in all other games where you place a wager, know the game before you start.  Find out everything.  Are there progressive jackpots?  Are there more expensive cards you can buy that award bigger prizes?  The more information you have when you sit down, the more likely you are to take the big prize away from the little white-haired Bingo shark sitting to your left.

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