Bingo In Europe

bingosBingo, the very popular game is expanding its network beside the traditional bingo playing countries of Europe like UK, Poland, Spain, Italy etc. to a relatively new market with a lot of potentiality, i.e., Sweden, France and Russia.

Sites known for good games and great bingo promotional offers have now started to include these not so popular playing countries into their network. Netplay TV, a gaming consortium based in London bought in April 2008 for an astronomical price well over € 7 million so as to start operations in Sweden. had a large set of online gaming ports which have become instant hit in Sweden.

The entry of online bingo sites in Sweden is supposed to be a breakthrough in the Bingo market as Sweden has the largest percentage of population engaged in gaming and gambling. It is found that 85% of Swedes enjoy gambling including Bingo and it has  more than 100 licensed bingo halls and more than 575 non profit bingo licensees operates in Sweden. The percentage of gamblers is even more than that in Australia, a gambling freak country! So it’s not surprising that many online bingo sites of Europe have decided to enter this very lucrative market of Sweden and they are sure to make huge profit there.

Besides, other countries of Europe like UK have many online bingo sites totally dedicated to its local players. Though Russia has been quite cautious in allowing online gambling including bingo yet slowly even it has opened its door to the bingo community. The rules are quite strict in Russia compared to other European countries.

Online bingo is available in many European languages for the ease of the bingo lovers. It is available in English, Polish, Spanish, Italian and of course in Swedish for the Swedes. The Russian and German language is also now offered particularly for the players of those countries. Once the language problem is sorted, there would be many other eastern European countries that will come in the grip of online bingo.

The players are also happy as most of the online bingo sites in Europe accept Euros besides Pounds. This has also made the game popular in many European countries which were not in the online bingo community a few years back. The safe and secure financial transaction is another reason for the popularity of online bingo sites in Europe. The personal information of the players is never divulged, which give  players a personal assurance and they don’t mind signing up to these online bingo sites.

These reasons have made online bingo a hit in the countries of Europe.

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