Bingo Magix

Bingo Magix is one of the most popular online bingo sites and its going to stay for long due to its priority of giving the best bingo experience to the bingo lovers. Bingo Magix gives you £15 as a joining bonus and £ 20 when you first log in.

They also provide 300% bonus on the first three deposits and 350% on all subsequent reloads. Joining Bingo Magix is extremely easy and a hassle free. Just a click and you can start playing. The cozy games’ software allows you to instantly join the room without any botheration of downloading.

Bingo Magix

Bingo Magix provides you many bonuses that you would simply love. You can get redemption coupons for your holiday shopping. This is valid the end of the year. You have to deposit some money to get the discounts. You can also get up to 325% bonus besides the redemption cards.

They offer you 75, 80 and 60 balls bingo games beside keno, slot, roulette and other online games. Bingo Magix also has a multi hall bingo, where you can have all the games in one screen. This becomes highly exciting as you need not go to different halls to play different halls. If you have less time and you don’t want to be glued to your computer all the time then the 30 ball bingo is the solution for you. You can it in a jiffy! It played on mini 3 x 3 cards and which is over in less than 1 minute. You can play with minimum 2 cards and the maximum 48 cards.

While playing bingo if you get bored then there are chats room filled with juicy gossips and a charming chat master who will make your bingo chat lively. Beside these there are mini games that you can play simultaneously, the variety of games adds to the actual charm of bingo Magix.

The lowest ticket is as low as £ 0.05 so you can play as much as you wish. You can win jackpots at this site as every day some or other new jackpots are introduced. The payment can be deposited through Ukash, Solo and Switch. Depositing through these will also give you an extra bonus. Credit card is also another method of making the payment.

If you are looking for some extra punch and fun in your bingo game, then Bingo Magix can be your next choice.

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