Golden Hat Bingo

Golden Hat BingoOne of the hottest bingo sites, Goldenhatbingo is fresh and new. With a range of 75-ball, 90-ball, speed and pattern bingo as well as a host of side games,  it is nothing less than any  top bingo sites. Using dynamic graphics and Virtue Fusion platform the Interface is quite pleasing. Its pink themed site is very easy to navigate and based on a community-styled pattern. Being user-friendly it is quickly emerging as a rival  site for the more established ones due to the combination of its games and choices it offers.

The welcome package sports a 200% bonus along with a £20 return on the minimum a £10 first deposit to get the players start off. Once inside there’s a lot to keep players busy with massive linx games costing as low as 50p and prizes of up-to £6,000.To keep you occupied throughout the week they have Penny Bingo games at the beginning of every week, Penny Games from 11am until 12pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays along with Buy One get One specials and always something new and special on weekends.

For new players to Golden Hat Bingo,  the live chat line, at the main page, is very helpful and allows chats with players in between games. The incentives available to the players are outstanding. Promotions like Buy One Get One Free, Super Jackpot, Winners Club, Penny Bingo, £5 Happy Hour, Chatter Box, Ladies Night, £7000 Guaranteed Every Day, £10000 Guaranteed Every Month, and many more are there at all times, keeping competitors on their toes.

Some of the popular chat games include Jumble Dumble , Last Gang, Even and Odd, Beat the CM, Hot Pot Club, Joggers Club, Getting Around,  Golden Hug and Roly ‘n’ Poly Club. The chats hosts are very friendly and helpful and will keep you amused if you’re in the mood. For newbies there is a page which lists all the abbreviation used like BRB, GLA or WTG during a chat. You can personalize a game with the in-game options. Joker Jackpot bingo, 75-ball bingo and  90-ball bingo are offered in five bingo rooms, with each version offering within the game abilities such as to play side games, see a list of numbers already called out and chat.

There is always something to grab your attention like competitions, bonuses and regular prize draws, and keeping your eyes away from the huge collection of free rooms may just be too difficult.

The friends’ referral policy gives £5 per friend you refer.

The 24 hour customer is a great lifesaver if you need any help.

This is a site that doesn’t come around every day and to experience it, you have to join it.

Golden hat Bingo

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