Online Crown Bingo May Promotions

**Mayday Mayhem**

Runs: Sunday 1st May- Monday 2nd May

bingo studio liveBingo Studio Live will be celebrating the May Day bank holiday with two days of May Day Mayhem. Including:
  • May Day chat games between 4-5pm where players will receive £2 bingo bonus if they are the first player to type the correct answer.
  • Mayday Mayday’- An Airman will enter the bingo room at random points over the two days. The first player to type “Mayday Mayday” will win £5 bingo bonus.

**Movie Slots**

Runs: Wednesday 4th May- Tuesday 10th May

For the build up to Cannes Film Festival, Crownbingo has teamed legendary films with selected slots from the site and are offering players 10% cash back, up to £10 each day on one of the slots. The pairings are as follows:
Day Slot Film
Wed 4th May Time Travelers Back to the Future
Thurs 5th May Mafia Millions Godfather
Fri 6th May Marine Mayhem Free Willy
Sat 7th May Jungle Madness Tarzan
Sun 8th May Mayan Mania Indiana Jones
Mon 9th May Pirate Plunder Pirates of the Caribbean
Tues 10th May Pet Luck Beethoven

**May the 4th be with You**

Runs: Wednesday 4th May

‘May the 4th’ chat games will take place in Room 2 and Bingo Studio Live 10 times at random points during  the day.
The bingo CM/presenter will write “Use the Force Luke” into chat room and a first player to respond with “May the 4th be with you” will win £4 bingo bonus. Players must have made a deposit within the previous 48 hours to qualify as a winner

**Cannes Film Festival- Win Two Annual Cinema Passes**

Runs: Wednesday 11th May- Thursday 19th May
Between these dates Crown Bingo will have a total of 24 qualifying games taking place in the Room 2 at 1pm and 8pm and in Bingo Studio Live at 10pm where bingo players will win free tickets for a Big game on Sunday 22nd May in Room 2 at 8pm. The full house winner will win two annual Cineworld cinema passes.

**Eurovision Sweepstake**

Runs: Saturday 14th May
Eurovision chat games will take place in Room 2 between 6-8pm. Chat games will be anagrams of countries taking part in the Eurovision show, the player who answers the anagram correctly will then be allocated with this country for the sweepstake and will also win £1 Bingo Bonus. The top 5 winners for Eurovision will then split £120 bingo bonus as follows: 1st-£55, 2nd-£30, 3rd-£20, 4th-£10, 5th-£5. Players can only win 1 country each and must have made a deposit within the previous 48 hours.

**FA Cup Fever**

Runs: Saturday 14th May

The Bingo Studio Live team will be hosting a FA Cup Final day on the Saturday 14th May. The day will include:

  • Football
    themed chat games between 1-2pm.
  • Penalty Shoot Out- Super Dodge game will take place between 3-4pm and 7-8pm, where bonuses will increase if more players take part.
  • Full Time Quiz- £30 bingo bonus to be split between the three winners, 1st- £15, 2nd-£10, 3rd- £5.
  • Football Cracker- If the safe is cracked that night the winner will receive an extra £50 bingo bonus.
  • Twice during the day the theme music to ‘Match of the Day’ will be played into the studio and the first player to respond by typing GOAL will win a football shirt of their choice worth £40.

**1 To Go**

Runs: Wednesday 18th May- Tuesday 24th May
Crown Bingo players who have “1 To Go” when the Full House is called will now be automatically credited with a share of the “1 To Go” prize pool. Between 18th and 24th May Crown will have an hour each day of “1 To Go” games in Bingo Studio Live between 7-8pm and in Room 2 between 10-11pm.

**Pirate CM Quiz**

Runs: Wednesday 18th May
To celebrate the release of the new Pirates of the Caribbean film Crown Bingo will be hosting a Pirate Quiz where players have to answer pirate related trivia in order to score points. At the end of the quiz the top three players with the most points will win the following: 1st- Pirates of Caribbean Trilogy Box Set, 2nd- pair of cinema tickets, 3- £5 bingo bonus
The quiz will take place in Room 2 between 8-9pm.

**Lucky Numbers Bingo**

Runs: Wednesday 25th May-Friday 27th May
A new 90 Ball Bingo Room ‘Lucky Numbers Bingo’ will be available from the 10th May with 3 standard prize pools available as well as 3 additional ‘Lucky Numbers’ jackpots. At the start of the bingo game players will be able to choose three lucky numbers, the player must then match 1, 2 or 3 of their bonus balls to the numbers that the first, second and house prizes are won on in order to win a ‘Lucky Numbers’ jackpot. Match one number to win the Bronze jackpot, 2 will win the Silver jackpot and all 3 will win the Gold jackpot. Between these dates players will have the chance to have a free trial of this new bingo room with 100% losses back, up to £5.

**Beat the Banker Bank Holiday**

Runs: Saturday 28th May- Monday 30th May
Beat the Banker bank holiday includes a bank holiday packed with Deal or No Deal promotions:
  • Sat 28th May- Stake £10 on Deal of No Deal Bingo get £3 bingo bonus free.
  • Sun 29th May- 22% losses returned, up to £10 on Deal or No Deal Classic.
  • Mon 30th May- 22% cashback on Deal or No Deal Scratch, up to £10.

**Weekly Prize Bingo**

Runs: Wednesday 4th,11,18th and 25th May

Each Wednesday during May we will be giving away free tickets to a Big Pre Buy Game on the 25th May where we will give a Home Cinema System away to the FH winner. The FH winner of each Wednesday game will win 10 free tickets and the 1 and 2 Line winners will each win 5 free tickets.

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