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Mamma Mia Tournament
The Mamma Mia Tournament is now in full swing with almost two weeks passing since the start. And with a summer date giving you the chance to win a trip for two, including flights to Skiathos and hotel accommodation at the 5 Star Aegean Suites Hotel things are really hotting up.

Remember this bingo tournament started at the beginning of May and runs all the way until the end of August, so if you haven’t started you have plenty of time to stake your claim to the prize and share the same luxury as many of the stars of Mamma Mia did during filming.

It’s never too late to start your quest to become the Mamma Mia champion so here is reminder of how to collect the all important Mamma Mia Miles:

At Bingo 1 Mamma Mia Mile awarded for each game played!
At Slots 1 Mamma Mia Mile awarded for every spin!
At Pull Tabs 2 Mamma Mia Miles awarded for every tab purchased!
At Video Poker 2 Mamma Mia Miles awarded for every 10 hands played!

Check the leaderboard below to see where you are in the standings so you can push on and take your place at the top.

# Nickname Mamma Mia Miles # Nickname Mamma Mia Miles
1 rubrub 18,078 11 Bigdaddybuck 4,906
2 kiebe1 15,904 12 dogmaster 4,806
3 clark1370 7,759 13 tblake1_bm 4,752
4 downtownpattybrown 7,597 14 buddybingo_bm 4,402
5 mamalove 7,190 15 mooch_bm 4,094
6 sassyjan 6,532 16 smurf4 3,806
7 tommy2win 6,060 17 mobay1 3,641
8 tiggerrs 6,047 18 SMACK HIM 3,605
9 andre80andre80 5,700 19 Debedeb4 3,541
10 daisyday1_pr 5,559 20 kimr 3,344
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