Pink Ribbon Bingo

Have Fun – save lives!
Pink Ribbon bingo is the only bingo site associated with a social cause and if you are a woman, then you have to be really insensitive to turn down the offer. Pink Ribbon bingo is the brain child of a group of conscientious people who wanted to spread awareness about breast cancer in people. Its motive is very clear in its homepage where it uprightly boasts the significance of pink ribbon. You can even purchase pink ribbons from them and join the campaign.

Pink Ribbon Bingo

Pink Ribbon bingo is being used as a platform to help people to know about breast cancer, its symptoms, and precautions and get inspired to donate for them. Pink Ribbon bingo donates 15 percent of all the income received from its members to charity that works for breast cancer patients. If you are a benevolent individual, you may even donate money or buy sponsored products. The donated money is spent in carrying research and creating resources to help the sufferers. Whether you win or lose in the game is immaterial, you are already a winner in the eyes of those who are getting benefited by your funds.

It is just like any other bingo site offering a bonus to start wagering. It has chat room where you could find like-minded humanitarians. Spread a word about them and increase their fan following and get awarded with bonuses. Like its counterpart, it also has a wide variety of games, pre buy offers, jackpots, crazy casino games so you will not surely miss out any fun and excitement. For you it may be just a game for enjoyment, but for someone else it could be the lifeline. So it is a site with light-minded games for serious minded people.

They have an efficient help and support corner where there are answers for all kinds of doubts but if you still have some unsolved query, you can even take live help. Your payments and other account information are also fully secure. It discourages people under 18 to join and even filters information to check the addicts. Thus, being a very dependable bingo site.

If you are someone who can do with one dress less in your wardrobe, then you would surely join Pink Ribbon bingo and bring happiness in someone’s world.

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