Royal Wedding Celebrations With Ritzy

Monther's Day Specials

$50 Games

Royal Wedding £50 Games This is where the action will be once the confetti has landed and Will and Kate have set off on their honeymoon. The wedding may be over and the cameras have stopped rolling but the party is just getting started in Party 90. This Friday, April 29th you can play Ritzy’s £50 Games for only 10p a card, playing at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm and 10pm GMT. And if that wasn’t enough, by Royal order, they also be giving away 5 BB’s in our Royal Trivia Chat Special playing during these games.
Bank Holiday Weekend 2p for £20 Games Play 2p for £20 games in the Party 90 Hall this weekend, between Saturday, April 30th and Monday, May 2nd. That’s right; playing randomly from 10am to 10pm GMT and for only 2p a card you could be walking away with £20. This would be one wedding gift you certainly wouldn’t want to return.
Party 75 Specials
May Day £50 Games Play May Day £50 games this Monday, May 2nd. You’ll find these great games playing on 15p Cards at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm GMT on the ‘M’ pattern in the Party 75 Hall. This is the perfect way to finish off the double bank holiday before getting back to work.
£100 Will & Kate Special Try your luck at Will and Kate £100 Guaranteed Games this Friday, April 30th. For only 15p per card and playing at 9pm and 10pm GMT in the Party 75 Hall you will have a shot at the Guaranteed £100 prize. This Will and Kate special will play on a rotating ‘W’ and ‘K’ pattern and have Jackpot of £1,000!!

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