Tricks to Win More at the Bingo World

If you are a bingo buff then you must be aware of the importance of winning. Though bingo may be your hobby yet no one minds winning a substantial amount through the game, I’m sure you are no exception. You would be surprised to know that there are many people who have won fortunes and changed their complete life by playing online bingo.

Another thing that has become quite obvious is that whether it is online bingo or church bingo, some people seem to be luckier than others. They are the ones who win at all the gathering, how so? Do they have any special luck? No but it has been found that beside the luck factor, they have the wisdom of choosing certain numbers which have actually made them the winner.

Believe it or not, but there are few common tricks which when you follow will undoubtedly help in winning a jackpot. Some of the tricks are:

  • If possible play in those sites where you can choose your tickets. This is a very important factor as choosing your number will have an affinity with you and the tickets will help you in winning. Eerie? Well not exactly but it has been found that the tickets which the players have chosen themselves have actually helped them to win more than the tickets randomly chosen.
  • When you choose the tickets, remember few number tricks. The tickets should have the lowest numbers in the B column. Avoid any number above 7 in the first column. The ‘I’ column should have number between 19 and 29. The ‘N’ column should have numbers between 29 and 39. Make sure that there are no numbers in 40s in this column. The ‘G’ column should have number above 49 and the ‘O’ column should have number from 60 to 68. You may have 70 in this column but avoid any number higher than 71. These numbers combinations have been found to be more fortunate than any other number so one must try to get these for a jackpot.
  • Another important trick is to play with only those many numbers of cards that you can see at a time. Though there might be the option to play with unlimited cards but that should not be done. Playing with three cards is the best option for winning a jackpot.

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